Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count;
everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.
Albert Einstein

A quick search of the web will show just how much information is available on corporate social responsibility.Here are a few links to get you started.

Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
A national forum of business CEOs that includes information, resources and seminars.

Harvard Business School
Even Harvard recognizes the importance of integrating philanthropy as part of your business strategy.

Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
Arguably the most well-known university program that provides training and information for CEOs and community relations staff.

Here is Boston College's latest report on corporate citizenship
State Corporate Citizenship 08

Corporate Responsibility Newswire
A searchable site that includes up-to-date press releases and information from throughout the world.

Cone Inc.
Provides a variety of studies on community relations, cause marketing and corporate social responsibility.