KUSA-TV has been making a difference in Colorado for more than 29 years. Below is a list of our community programs. 

9Cares Colorado Shares

26 years of helping fight hunger In 1981 9NEWS joined the fight against hunger.  Two annual food drives are organized throughout the Denver metro area and Northern Colorado.  The November drive has become the largest one-day collection in the state.  We support more than 90 local food banks.

9Health Fair
29 years offering free or low cost health screenings
The 9Health Fair is the oldest community event started by 9NEWS.  Back in 1979, the station recognized the importance of preventative health care and organized the first fair, which featured free health screenings.  Since then the fair, which is now an independent non-profit organization, has grown tremendously.  Last year the 9Health Fair screened more than 90,000 Coloradoans.

9Kids Who Care
14 Years honoring young volunteers
Colorado has some great kids with big hearts.  Those that go beyond the ordinary to help others are honored with the 9Kids Who Care award.  Every February, 9NEWS honors nine outstanding youth volunteers who've made a difference in their community with a special luncheon in their honor.

9Teachers Who Care
7 Years honoring excellent Colorado teachers
Throughout the year, KUSA-TV honors nine outstanding teachers who have had a exceptional positive impact on their students.  The stories of nine winners are featured each month from September to May.  Then in June, the winners are honored with a special dinner and award.

9Who Care
29 years honoring Colorado's outstanding volunteers
KUSA-TV honors nine outstanding citizens with the 9Who Care Award for their volunteerism.  The stories of nine winners are featured each month from September to May.  Then in June, the winners are honored with a special dinner where they are presented with a special award and a $900 check.

9NEWS Leader of the Year
10 years honoring Colorado's business leaders
The 9NEWS Leader of the Year Award recognizes an emerging leader who has made a lasting contribution to the well-being of the community and to the State. This annual luncheon has become a favorite of area businesses and serves as a fundraiser for the Colorado Leadership Alliance.

Buddy Check 9
More than 13 years of educating women about breast cancer and the  importance of early detection
On the 9th of every month in every newscast, our anchors ask women to do a monthly breast self-exam and then call their "buddy" to remind her to do the same. "Buddies" can be a family member, colleague or friend. The station also offers free calendars and email reminders to viewers.  

Stuff for Students
8  years providing school supplies to Colorado's less fortunate students
KUSA-TV along with Volunteers of America collect school supplies for low income students.  The collection takes place in late July and early August. Supplies are distributed to 15 school districts in the area before school starts.  There are more than 150,000 children on the free or reduced-cost lunch program in Front Range public schools. 

Throughout the course of the year KUSA-TV and KTVD-TV has supported hundreds of community events in Colorado from fundraising walks to concerts to air shows.  Sponsorship generally includes various promotion and web listing.  



Collaborations between KUSA-TV and KTVD-TV

The same :30 or :60 general public service announcement spots are used on both stations.  These spots air overnight.