Lockton Companies

Giving back to the community in which we live is very important to all Associates of Lockton Companies - so much so that we have included our commitment in our vision statement: "We will grow a dominant company that our clients and Associates trust and admire while maintaining our commitment to the community."

We partner with numerous organizations that help support the community and build partnerships that assist in targeting the greatest needs.

We believe that support for our community should be both financial and through the volunteering of our time. The following highlights some of the things we do:

  • Lockton is a member of the "2% Club" - we give at least 2% of our profits back to the community.
  • Lockton Associates are involved in over 115 charities, whether by financial contributions, volunteering time, or both.
  • Lockton Associates hold board positions at more than 19 various charitable organizations.
  • Lockton volunteered over 5,000 hours in the past year through Lockton Volunteer Day, boards on which we serve, and other various charitable endeavors.
  • Lockton has an official Benevolence Committee set up for Associates to assist in determining support for various charities, as well as a formalized budgeting process for charitable contributions.

Lockton's Volunteer Days

While financial support is important to all nonprofits, even more meaningful is the volunteering of our time. Each Lockton Associate is encouraged to take a paid day off to volunteer for a charity that Lockton supports. Since we began this program in 2004, the response has been overwhelming! We have been able to see the difference that our volunteering makes.

  • 205 Associates have volunteered over 2,800 hours in our communities
  • 12 houses have been built for Habitat for Humanity
  • Over 750 calls have been answered at the PBS Call-A-Thon, raising over $50,000
  • 1,300 students in 60 classrooms have been taught through Junior Achievement's "JA in a Day" program
  • Over 4,000 meals have been served to the homeless through the Denver Rescue Mission
  • 31 Associates have volunteered to support Warren Village, impacting over 200 low-income, single-parent families in the Denver area

Our Proudest Accomplishment

In 2008 we were honored to win "Emeritus" status from The United Way for running the top campaign in Colorado for the past three years. The annual United Way campaign has become an integral part of our culture and is looked forward to by all each year. Each year we maintain a few traditions:

  • The campaign is led by a mascot (such as "Captain Tom Byrd" and "The Pudgy Pumpkin");
  • Lockton Producers donate raffle items to raise money each year (the trip to Vegas was popular!);
  • And we hold impromptu events such as "Sundae Monday", Jeans Friday, etc. to keep it fun.


What Does This All Mean?

The commitment to our community and to giving back has created a very strong culture and a place of which people enjoy being a part. Perhaps this is best witnessed by our Associates choosing the Denver office of Lockton Companies, LLC as one of the "Best Places to Work" was recognized by the Denver Business Journal in 2004, 2006, and 2007.